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Susan MacWilliamIrish artist and filmmaker Susan MacWilliam was named the First Eileen J. Garrett Visiting Scholar in 2007. A part-time faculty member at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, a member of the Board of Directors of both Source Photographic Magazine and Visual Artists Ireland/Sculptors’ Society of Ireland, she has received more than twenty visual arts awards.

Ms. MacWilliam leads a peripatetic lifestyle, traveling widely and producing unique works of art that provide a visual entry point to the history of parapsychology, among other themes.

She was in residence at the Library throughout the entire month of July. In addition to researching her latest project, she spent some time helping the Foundation to preserve and enhance the Library’s unique film collection. For more information on Ms. MacWilliam and her work, click on the following web address:

The Visiting Scholar Program

The Eileen J. Garrett Library Visiting Scholar Program was inaugurated to accommodate individuals who obtain their own grant support for an extended visit to Greenport. Depending on the length of stay and the time of year, in some cases the Foundation can extend the hospitality of its corporate apartment to the Visiting Scholar if it is available. Otherwise the Foundation does not provide travel assistance, expense reimbursement or other financial support to the successful applicant.

If any scholars, researchers or post-graduate students are interested in the possibility of being considered for a one-month or shorter stay at the Library in future years, please write directly to the Foundation’s Executive Director, Lisette Coly, at the postal address listed below, or email her at



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