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José M. Pérez-Navarro
Dr. José Pérez-Navarro is the PF International Affiliate for Spain. The following informal biography was written for a booklet distributed to other International Affiliates. Each affiliate was asked five questions about their background and interest in the field, the situation of parapsychology in their countries, and about their hopes for the future. A more formal biography will be posted in the coming months.

From Dr. Pérez-Navarro ...
My interest in parapsychology grew up in a philosophical manner. Unfortunately, I never had one of those striking paranormal experiences that changes one’s life. I rather became interested in the paranormal by wondering about the world, life, human existence, what we are, were, and are going to become.

At the present I am at the final stage of my Ph.D. on ESP at Coventry University in England. I am a member of the SPR in the UK and aim to contribute to the development of parapsychology as the PF Affiliate in Spain.

Currently, parapsychology is a controversial area in Spain, as well as in many other countries (I guess). General acceptance is growing, though. People are starting to realise how complex and difficult to understand our world is, that the current body of ‘established’ knowledge does not have all the answers and that there is room for new questions and further enquiry. So, believing in the paranormal could now be seen as typical of people who do not conform and go beyond the classical paradigms. I observed this thinking on many occasions in students, academics, and others. Although this might very well be only a subjective impression, I would dare to say that this change in attitudes is actually happening.

Most of the parapsychological organisations in Spain follow commercial aims. Formal research is seldom done. Although no Spanish University has a member of the staff involved actively in parapsychology work, as happens in other countries, the interest is there. One of my hopes, as the PF Affiliate in Spain, is to help in transforming this interest into real research activity that we can all be proud of.

Submitted 2001.



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