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Lives in Parapsychology
PF Lyceum Blog #11, June 26, 2006

Previous essays published in our website have addressed those of you who are interested in working in parapsychology (such as “Parapsychology as a Profession”, “Getting to Work in Parapsychology”). Now we return to the topic from a different perspective.

Short of personal experience, the best way to obtain an idea of what it means to work in a field such as parapsychology is to learn from the experiences of others. We have already posted a bibliography of biographical and autobiographical information about parapsychologists (Click here). Here we present short autobiographical essays that illustrate different approaches and paths taken by some current researchers in order to have a career in parapsychology.

It is very difficult to have a career in parapsychology. In fact, one of the individuals we approached for an autobiographical essay replied that there are no careers in parapsychology. It is true that it is very hard to devote one’s life to parapsychology as a career due to the lack of jobs in the field. But there is no question that some people have been able to have a career in the field. And others have made important contributions being part-time parapsychologists, while they make their living as physicists, psychiatrists, or psychologists, among other professions.

The following individuals wrote essays for us about their involvement in parapsychology:

Carlos S. Alvarado
Massimo Biondi
Etzel Cardeña
Harvey Irwin
Michaeleen Maher
Roger Nelson
John Palmer
Alejandro Parra
Dean Radin
Fabio da Silva
Paul Stevens
Michael Thalbourne
Nancy L. Zingrone

All of us on the list above represent different countries, as well as different approaches to parapsychology. It is our hope that our life stories are useful to those of you who may be interested in following in our footsteps.

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