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Lisette Coly
Serving as Vice President of the Parapsychology Foundation since 1978, Lisette Coly now acts as Executive Director. Granddaugher of the Foundation’s founder, Eileen J. Garrett and daughter of the organization’s current President, Eileen Coly, Lisette Coly brings to the task over forty years of experience working in many capacities within the organization.

Ms. Coly has acted as International Conference Coordinator, including the Inernational Conference Series, "Utrecht II: Charting the Future of Parapsychology", most recently in 2008, as well as used her editorial skills in many of PF’s publications including the International Conference Proceedings series and the Parapsychology Review which was published from 1970 to 1990. Instrumental in the rededication of the Foundation during its 50th Anniversary, as Editor-in-Chief she has brought back into publication the highly regarded International Journal of Parapsychology as well as the Foundation’s revered publishing imprint, Helix Press. Under her direction the Perspectives Lecture Series, the Parapsychology Foundation LYCEUM, the PF International Affiliate Program, the Psychic Explorers Club, the Student Affiliate Program, the Member Organization Program, and, the PF’s on-line store, have been initiated.

While pursuing her BA from New York’s Hunter College as well as completing various business courses, Ms. Coly held various positions at the Parapsychology Foundation. She was privileged to work closely with Eileen J. Garrett, during Garrett’s final years at the Foundation, as well as with Eileen Coly, sharing their vision for the work of the Foundation. Upon graduation from college, she continued to serve her stewardship within the organization as Executive Director, and will assume the reigns of President in 2012. Ms. Coly has the opportunity to interact with the worlds of science, publishing, and the international scene as she guides and administers the continued work of the Foundation. Ms. Coly is listed in both Who’s Who in American Women and Who’s Who in the World.



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