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Photos from the Utrecht II Preregistration on October 15th, 2008 at the Parasychologische Instituut at Springweg 7 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Annemarie Visser

Annemarie Visser at the Pregistration Table in the Parapsychologisch Instituut
[Photo taken by Drs. Wim Kramer]

Utrecht II Registration Table at the Parapsychologisch Instituut

The Registration Packets containing the Conference Program, brochures, and a complimentary copy of the proceedings from the first Utrecht conference in 1953
[Photo taken by Drs. Wim Kramer]

Physicist Dr. Richard Shoup and Mrs. Eileen Coly of the Parapsychology Foundation at the Preregistration for Utrecht II

Dr Richard Shoup and Eileen Coly
[Photo taken by Drs. Wim Kramer]

Eileen Coly, PF President, holding Adventures in the Supernormal by Eileen Garrett at Utrecht II Preregistration

Eileen Coly holding a copy of Adventures in the Supernormal written by her mother, Eileen Garrett, who is pictured on the back of the book.
[Photo taken by Drs. Wim Kramer]

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