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Photos from the Utrecht II First Paper Session Held on October 16th, 2008 in the Dreihoek meeting room, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Dr. Roger Nelson

Dr. Roger Nelson giving his paper,
“Can Consciousness Be Real?”
Click here for Dr. Nelson’s abstract and powerpoint.
[Photo taken by Fabio da Silva.]

Drs. Eva Lobach

Drs. Eva Lobach giving her paper, “Presentiment Research.”
Click here for Drs. Lobach’s abstract.
[Photo taken by Fabio da Silva.]

Dr. Thilo Hinterberger

Dr. Thilo Hinterberger giving his talk “Searching for Neuronal Markers of Psi.”
Please click here for Dr. Hinterberger’s abstract and powerpoint.
[Photo taken by Fabio da Silva.]

The Q & A after the First Paper Session:
“What Do We Know and Where Are We Going?
Measures of Psi”

Utrecht II Paper Session One: Dr. Roger Nelson, Eva Lobach, Dr. Thilo Hinterberger

From the right: Dr. Roger Nelson, Drs. Eva Lobach, and Dr. Thilo Hinterberger.
[Photo taken by Fabio da Silva.]

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