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Photos from the Utrecht II Senaatszaal Invited Speaker Session Held on October 17th, 2008 in the Senaatszaal at the University of Utrecht.
Crowd Gathers in the Senaatszaal at Utrecht II, 2008

From left: Martine Busch (Van Praagh Institute, Utrecht), Hans Berendt (Het Johan Borgman Fonds), Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado (Parapsychology Foundation), Frans Snel (University of Edinburgh), Drs. Hans Michels (International Translators, Eindhoven), Dr. Peter van der Sijde (University of Twente), Dr. Chris Roe (University of Northampton) and in the foreground, Drs. Wim Kramer (HJBF) and Dr. Deborah Delanoy (University of Northampton)
[Photo taken by Nancy Zingrone.]

Lisette Coly of the Parapsychology Foundation and Dr. Donald J. West of Cambridge University

Lisette Coly and Utrecht I Veteran Prof. Dr. Donald J. West (Cambridge University, retired)
[Photo taken by Nancy Zingrone.]

Wim Kramer at Utrecht II

Drs. Drs. Wim Kramer introducing the “Veterans” of Utrecht I in attendance at Utrecht II.
[Photo taken by Tim Kramer.]

Dr Carlos S Alvarado at Utrecht II

Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado delivering his invited address, “Discussing Parapsychology at Utrecht.”
For Dr. Alvarado’s abstract and powerpoint click here.
[Photo taken by Fabio da Silva.]

Dr. Deborah Delanoy

Dr. Deborah Delanoy delivering her invited address, “Parapsychology in th University Setting.”
For Dr. Delanoy’s abstract and powerpoint click here.
[Photo taken by Nancy Zingrone.]

Dr. Etzel Cardena

Dr. Etzel Cardeña delivering his invited address, “Toward a Science of Alterations of Consciousness.”
For Dr. Cardeña’s abstract and powerpoint click here.
[Photo taken by Fabio da Silva.]

Dr. Brian Josephson at Utrecht II

Prof. Dr. Brian Josephson giving his invited address, “Self-Organised Reality’.
For Dr. Josephson’s abstract and powerpoint click here.
[Photo taken by Fabio da Silva.]

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