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Utrecht II: Charting the Future of Parapsychology
Opening Remarks
Eileen Coly
President, Parapsychology Foundation

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen.

To stand before you, with an opportunity to echo words spoken by my mother, Eileen J. Garrett, Parapsychology Foundation’s founder, 55 years ago at the First International Congress in 1953 is a rare and unexpected privilege.

I add my sentiments to Garrett’s long ago opening remarks that in which she said:

“We welcome this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to our distinguished Dutch hosts, who have extended to us a cordial welcome, as well as practical cooperation in preparing our First International Conference in Parapsychology” and now our Second Utrecht Meeting: Charting the Future of Parapsychology with deep gratitude to the Het Johan Borgman Fonds.

It gave Garrett and now gives me infinite pleasure to see so many old and new friends gathered here in Utrecht once again.

I agree with my mother’s original statement that unhappily down through the test of time remains true:

“…that in thanking you distinguished scholars who have cared enough to join us here in Utrecht, each one present, no matter from which branch of science … you have entered the field by way of sacrifice, for [both Garrett and] I know that this science does not enable young scholars to sustain themselves; each man or woman who makes their life study, namely the exploration of man himself, has done so knowing that they could possibly endanger their material success to keep the vision alive …”

It has been the continued goal of Parapsychology Foundation emanating from the First Utrecht meeting to do all we can to be of assistance in support of your research and we pledge to continue our support in whatever way open to us in recognition of your valuable and courageous effort.

At this time let me introduce you to PF’s Vice President and Executive Director who shares in Eileen Garrett’s and my vision for the future of our science, Lisette Coly.


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